Ceau Cinema! PFF

Pocket Film Festival

Ceau, Cinema! Pocket Film Festival came from the need to befriend the people of Timișoara with the European cinema, with their cinema, which has been missing lately from the local scenery.

It all started in 2014 with 4 days of workshops and screenings in Timișoara and Gottlob (a village with the first restored movie theater in Romania’s countryside).

Our mission: to promote European and Romanian films and to prove that they are as catchy and attractive as Hollywood cinema, but much closer to our hearts. And, foremost, that watermelons taste better than popcorn.

The 4rd edition of Ceau, Cinema! will take place between July 20th – 23th, 2017, in Timisoara and Gottlob (the first village in Romania with a renovated movie theater) and will host numerous screenings, workshops and outdoor events, in cinemas and alternative spaces of screening.