Tickets Ceau, Cinema! #Șase

This year, we provide the following types of festival tickets:

General pass – 60 lei

The general passes give access to all the screenings and events within the festival. They are available online on

Special pass (general pass + T-shirt/bag) – 100 lei (limited number: 30)

The special passes give access to all the screenings and events within the festival and come together with a Ceau, Cinema! T-shirt or bag, plus a set of stickers drawn by the artists Sorina Vazelina, Ana Kun, Mircea Popescu, Răzvan Cornici and Livia Coloji.

The special passes are also available online on, and the promoting materials will be available at the festival Information Corner, during July 18th-21st, after receiving the free access bracelet.

Single-entry ticket

15 lei for the screenings at the Capitol Outdoor Theatre

10 lei and 15 lei at all the other screenings within the festival

The single-entry ticket gives access to a single screening within the festival and are available online on or before the screening, on the relevant location.

Where do I buy passes and tickets from?

Online, on, no later than one hour before the screening.

From all screening locations, one hour before the screening, according to the available number of seats.

Access policy

In case of online tickets, the access to the event will be made by scanning the ticket, either printed or electronic, from mobile devices. Such access is only possible based on a valid ticket to the relevant screening.

ATTENTION! The seats can be taken up to 5 minutes before the screening.

Also, one the screening started, the access into the screening hall is forbidden!

The audience may purchase tickets before the screenings, according to the available seats in the screening hall.

The seats are not provided with numbers and can be taken at the audience choice.

Free access

The screenings from Gottlob will be free of charge.

Children up to 12 years old, inclusively, have free access to the dedicated screenings within the festival.

Disabled persons have free access to all the events within the festival, based on the disability card.


Please take into consideration:

In case of bad weather conditions, the screenings from the Capitol Outdoor Theater will take place indoor, in the Philharmonic Hall and the ones scheduled in the Chestnut Courtyard will take place in the Studio Room at ”Casa Artelor”.

The films not recommended under 15 will bear the sign (15+), and the access will be made upon the parents’ approval.