Breakthrough documentaries with Banat region in the `90s, at Ceau, Cinema!

Two breakthrough German documentaries, made in the early `90s about the new life after communism in a village from Banat and the trip of one of the villagers to America, will be screened during the sixth edition of Ceau, Cinema! Festival, which will take place during July 18th – 21st in Timişoara and Gottlob.

”Joane`s Law” (1993, 50 min.) and ”The Time Traveller” (1995, 45 min.) will be shown in Timişoara, as a Romanian premiere, within two special screenings in the section of films from Banat region, in the presence of the director Dobrivoie Kerpenisan, a guest of Ceau, Cinema!.

Born in Banat, Dobrivoie Kerpenisan left Romania for West Germany before 1989, when he was still a child. Graduate of the University of Essen, he is an independent German director, a photographer and visual artist with multiple awards.

Winner at the International Film Festival from Oberhausen, ”Joane`s Law” (1993), shot on 16 mm, is a bold documentary which follows the director’s trip back to his native village in Romania, where he meets his relatives after a 20 years’ absence. Made in a touching visual style, the film is the troubling portrait of a world, newly liberated from communism.

Also shot on 16 mm, ”The Time Traveller” (1995) is about Milos, a deaf-mute, illiterate and solitary old man. 30 years before, his sister Olga had emigrated to America and never came back. The man’s dream is to see her again. The documentary follows Milos’s first trip outside the village, who, accompanied by the director, goes as far as New York, in the attempt to meet again his sister. The film is the affectionate and empathic portrait of a special person leaving for a completely new world, where he discovers different races and lifestyles.

„I am very happy to have my films screened in Timișoara, for the first time in Romania, after a highly successful international festival tour. People from several continents have had the opportunity to see, through my documentaries, the transition process during the `90s, which was symptomatic for the entire Eastern block countries. Comparing my initial visions with the present reality, I still feel that, for a part of the Romanian society, the expectations for a better life are still faraway dreams”, says director Dobrivoie Kerpenisan.

The two documentaries are included in the already traditional section “Films from Banat” within the Ceau, Cinema! Festival, which highlights on films about Banat or which are made by directors who are connected to this region.

The festival will also host the second edition of the Ceau, Cineva! Workshop, dedicated to young aspiring directors, under the coordination of the actor Laurenţiu Bănescu.

The sixth edition of Ceau, Cinema! Will take place during July 18th – 21st, in Timişoara and Gottlob, the first village in Romania with a renovated cinema.

Ceau, Cinema! Festival is dedicated to the European cinema and is organized by the Association Marele Ecran and the Association Pelicula Culturală.

The project is possible with the support of the Romanian Film Centre.

The event is entirely made by volunteers, with the support of: TNT Romania, Vitas Romania, Groupama Insurance, the German Consulate from Timișoara, the French Institute from Timișoara, the German Cultural Centre from Timișoara, Goethe Institute, Art Encounters Foundation, the National Theater „Mihai Eminescu” from Timișoara, the „Csiky Gergely” Hungarian State Theatre from Timișoara, the Direction for Culture Timiş, Auăleu Theatre, Gottlob City Hall.

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