Address: 2, Blv. C.D. Loga

gradina de vara - krugovi

Gradina de Vara (Outdoor movie theater)

The outdoor movie theater of Filarmonica Banatul, in the close neighborhood of the Orthodox Cathedral, two steps away from km 0, is the perfect spot for outdoor shows, concerts and screenings. This is the place where the special projections of the festival will take place, bringing to the public the most attractive titles proposed by Ceau, cinema!.

Capacity: 800 places

*In case of bad weather conditions, the screenings will take place inside the Philarmonic.

Address: 2nd Alba Iulia Street


Main Hall of Csiky Gergely Hungarian Theatre

In 2016 Sala Mare a Teatrului Maghiar de Stat “Csiky Gergely” din Timisoara (sală de bal a fostei Városi Vigadó din centrul orașului, aceeași care deservește din 1953 și până în prezent cele două trupe ale teatrului maghiar și german) va gazdui proiectiile filmelor aflate in Competitie.

Capacitate: 130 de locuri.

Address: 8, Augustin Pacha St.


Casa Artelor - Curtea cu Castan (The Chestnut Patio)

The Chestnut Patio is an open space within the area of Casa Artelor, the ideal spot for a concert, theater or movie evening show. During Ceau Cinema!, the inner patio will be the organizers’ headquarter and, after the sunset, it will become a screening spot and the afterparty location for the festival volunteers and movie fans.

Capacity: 100 places

Address: 8, Augustin Pacha St.


Casa Artelor - Studio Art Room

The Studio Room is generally intended for artistic representations, hosting theater plays, movie screenings, contemporary dance shows and concerts. This is the place where the movies in the Competition section of Ceau Cinema! 2015 will be projected.

Capacity: 50 places.

Address: Victoria Sq. no 7


Cinema Timis

Cinema Timiş is situated in the center of Timisoara, in the Victory Plazza, near the Orthodox Cathedral.

Capacity: 400 places

Address: 2, Anton Seiller St.

amabasada proiectie


AMBASADA aims to become the meeting place for beautiful people (NGOs, freelancers, artists, musicians, passionate people, companies) with great ideas. With free facilities and services for the creative and non-profit environment, anyone can set up a project, a training session, an event or simply go out there. The Festival Ceau Cinema! will settle in the Event Room for movie screenings and in the Coffee Room for meetings with filmmakers and actors and, of course, for the workshops.

Capacity: 100 places

Address: Gottlob Village


Gottlob Cinema & Open Air

It used to play movies since ’50 until the first years after the Revolution as Cinema Scânteia. It is the first restored movie theater in Romania’s countryside, which will be functional again this year. The restoration of the former Cinema Gottlob, started in May 2013, was financed through a conjoint Hungarian-Romanian project, with an investment of €133.125. More details here.

Capacity: 180 places

* in case of good weather conditions, the evening projections will be held on the village sports ground.