John From (2015)

"John From" (original title)

[title_subtitle title=”Director: João Nicolau” title_color=”#000000″ title_size=”36″ subtitle=”Portugal-France, drama, 95 min, PG-13, subtitles: EN, RO” subtitle_color=”#000000″ subtitle_size=”17″ with_separator=”yes” align=”center”]



João Nicolau, Mariana Ricardo


Julia Palha, Clara Riedenstein, Filipe Vargas


Although Rita doesn’t complain, her summer holidays are not the most exciting in the world. But they are not the dullest either: between iced coffees, warm afternoons of teenage love and going out at night along with her friend Sara, Rita always finds time to get her balcony floor wet and to do a lot of sunbathing. The simple pleasure of this routine is irreversibly upset when the teenager attends an art exhibition a new neighbour is showing in the local community centre. A sequence of events, too precise and quiet, makes it possible for the girl to get closer to the new neighbour, and for the neighbourhood to turn into a South Pacific island. Or maybe we could say it backwards: the neighbourhood turning into a South Pacific island and the girl getting closer to the new neighbour, cause a sequence of events which are just too precise and quiet.