Normal Autistic Film (2016)

"Normální autistický film" (original title)

Director: Miroslav Janek

Czech Republic, documentary, 87 min, PG-13, subtitles: RO



Miroslav Janek



“To society, I’m disabled. To me, society is disabled,” says one of the protagonists of this film, reductively seen only as “autistic.” Filmmaker Miroslav Janek decides to approach his subjects not as children with Asperger, but as complex human characters who are neurodiverse in a world set up for neurotypicals. Thus, autism stops being a medical diagnosis and becomes a fascinating way of thinking that takes effort to decipher. Shot over two years, the film is a beautifully crafted, intimate observational portrait of five youngsters who, apart from loving Tarantino or The Little Prince, playing classical music or writing long stories in English, can explain clearly how their brains are differently wired and how that affects them. The unique aesthetic of the film adds to its immersive power, aiming to slowly shift the perspective of a majority who determines what is “normal.”