Portrait documentaries made by female directors, within a special section of Ceau, Cinema!

Four portrait documentaries made by female directors, among which the Romanian productions ”Timebox”, by Nora Agapi, and ”Stela”, by Stanca Radu, will be screened whithin the section called ”DOC-minică” at the sixth edition of Ceau, Cinema! Film Festival, which will take place during July 18th – 21st in Timișoara and Gottlob.

Included in numerous festivals, like Jihlava, Astra or One World, the documentary ”Timebox” (2018) will be screened in premiere in Timişoara at Ceau, Cinema!, in the presence of the director Nora Agapi. The film stars Ioan Matei Agapi, the father of the director – a charismatic photographer and documentarist from Iaşi, 80 years old and owner of an impressive collection of 16 mm films, which reveals almost five decades of Romanian history.

”Stela” (2017) is a moving documentary with Stela Popescu, made by her grand-daughter, the director Stanca Radu, before the unexpected passage of the beloved star. The most popular actress of Romania reveals in this film her life, her love stories and the challenges that she encountered in her career.

Winner of the famous International Documentary Film Festival from Amsterdam (IDFA) and recipient of many other awards, ”The Other Side of Everything” (2017) is the second film of the Serbian female director Mila Turajlić. The production is the delicate portrait of a woman – the director’s mother herself – who’s past represents the very past of her country and of Europe in whole.

Awarded the last year at the Berlin Festival, where it was included in the Forum section, ”The Waldheim Waltz” (2018), of the appreciated Austrian director Ruth Beckerman, analyzes, through archives, the way in which the World Jewish Congress exposed the controversed past during the war of Kurt Waldheim, the Secretary General of the United Nations and President of Austria between 1986 – 1992.

This year, the section ”DOC-minică”, scheduled for the last day of the festival and dedicated to documentary films, is supported by ISHO.

Another traditional program, ”Films from Banat”, is supplemented with ”Béla Lugosi – the Fallen Vampire” (2007), the documentary that the director from Timișoara, Florin Iepan made about the famous actor born in Lugoj, who played Count Dracula in the American cult film ”Dracula” (1931). The documentary will be screened along with ”Nosferatu, the Vampire” (1979), by Werner Herzog, so as to trace the theme of this year’s edition – the noir film.

The section ”Films from Banat” will also include the short documentaries ”The Man Who Stopped the Trams” (2018), that the journalist and writer Daniela Raţiu dedicated to the famous poet, publicist and revolutionary Ion Mororan, and ”Under Silvia’s Wing” (2018), the portrait of a bird caretaker from the outskirts of Timişoara, directed by Aleksandra Petrov, a young director and also volunteer at Ceau, Cinema! for the recent couple of years.

In the same section will also be included the fiction short films „Extra-season” (2019), a thriller made by Ioachim Stroe and casting Ana Ularu and Ovidiu Mihăiţă from Timișoara, and „Nightwatch” (2018), a film with vampires made in Romania by Cristian Plesh, a director from Timișoara, who lives in America.

The sixth edition of Ceau, Cinema! will take place during July 18th-21st, in Timişoara and Gottlob, the first village in Romania with a renovated cinema.

The festival passes, which give access to all the screenings in the festival, are available online, on iaBilet.ro. A general pass is 60 lei, and a special pass, which includes a Ceau, Cinema! T-shirt or bag and a set of stickers drawn by the festival partner artists, is 100 lei.

Ceau, Cinema! Festival is dedicated to the European cinema and is organized by the Association Marele Ecran and the Association Pelicula Culturală.

The project is possible with the support of the Romanian Film Centre and the Timiș County Council.

Main cultural partners: Art Encounters Foundation and the National Theatre ”Mihai Eminescu” from Timişoara.

The event is entirely made by volunteers, with the support of: TNT Romania, Vitas Romania, Groupama Insurance, Conceptual Lab by Theo Nissim, ISHO, the German Consulate from Timișoara, the French Institute from Timișoara, the German Cultural Centre from Timișoara, Goethe Institute, Balassi Institute – the Hungarian Cultural Institute from Bucharest, Porsche Timișoara, Vinto Gastro Wine Pub, Hotel Timișoara, Pulcinella, the „Csiky Gergely” Hungarian State Theatre from Timișoara, the Direction for Culture Timiş, Auăleu Theatre, Anim’est, Ovride Specialty Cofeee, AMBASADA, iaBilet.ro, Gottlob City Hall.

Media partners: Kiss FM, Ziarul Metropolis, Radio Timișoara, Radio România Cultural, All about Romanian Cinema (AaRC).