The Ceau, Cinema! Trophy, in memory of director Răzvan Georgescu

The Ceau, Cinema! Trophy, in memory of director Răzvan Georgescu

The Trophy of the Ceau, Cinema! Festival Competition from Timișoara will be dedicated, as from this year, to the memory of the late director Răzvan Georgescu.

Starting with the fifth edition of the festival, the award for the best film will be named the Ceau, Cinema! Trophy „Răzvan Georgescu”, in memory of the well-known documentary director. He passed away on July 24th, 2017, at the age of 51, in Germany, his country of residence since 1989, when he left Timișoara.

In 2015, on the second edition of the festival, the renovated cinema theater from Gottlob (Timiș county), was inaugurated with the documentary „Trading Germans” (2014), in the presence of Răzvan Georgescu, one of the closest friends and supporters of the festival.

The director came back at Ceau, Cinema! in 2016, as a member of the competition section jury.

On the fifth edition, which will take place during July 19th – 22nd, 2018, Răzvan Georgescu will be honoured with a screening of the documentary „Testimony”, 10 years now from its reselase, in 2008, and with a new and still unpublished video interview that the filmmaker gave in 2016 to the festival team.

He had been diagnosed, many years before that, with a malignant tumour. As a matter of fact, „Testimony” addressed this affection and tried to bring answers to the author’s existential torments.

„For me, Testimony was the lesson that a film can save your life. I know it sounds pathetic, but it really saved my life. During the three years that I’ve worked on that film, my tumour relapsed. Two weeks after I finished shooting, it started to grow again”, said Răzvan Georgescu during an interview in 2015.

Also as a tribute to Răzvan Georgescu, this year’s edition will include the screening of the documentary „Născuți la comandă – Decreții” (2005), that he produced together with Florin Iepan, the film director.

Born on December 26th 1965, in Târgu Mureș, Răzvan Georgescu graduated „Lenau” Highschool from Timișoara and the Faculty of Philosophy from Bucharest, with a final paper on the semiotics of film. Until 1989, when he emigrated to Germany with his wife of German origin, he had lived in Timișoara.

The fifth edition of Ceau, Cinema! Festival will take place during July 19th-22nd, 2018 in Timișoara and Gottlob, the first village in Romania with a renovated cinema.

Ceau, Cinema! Festival is dedicated to the European cinema and is organized by the Association Marele Ecran and the Association Pelicula Culturală.

The project is possible with the support of the Romanian Film Centre and the Timiș County Council.

The event is entirely made by volunteers, with the support of: Vitas Romania, the French Institute of Timişoara, the „Csiky Gergely” Hungarian State Theatre from Timișoara, the National Theater „Mihai Eminescu” from Timișoara, the Direction for Culture Timiş, „Banatul” Philharmonic, the Polish Institute from Bucharest, AMBASADA, MISC.