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Grand prize

The Ceau, Cinema! Jury  which brought together actors Alina Ilea and Alexandru Papadopol and director Razvan Georgescu, awarded with the Festival Trophy for best film,in amount of €1.000, the Croatian feature film Life is a Trumpet / Zivot je truba, by Antonio Nuic. Here is the Jury motivation: “A film with a cast of natural and authentic actors, with a montage highly serving the screenplay, a steady hand and mindful of details direction, a humour rising out of vital circumstances, a film reminding us the fact that the sound of a trumpet might resume the fragile netting of family relations.”

Audience Award

The Audience Award, in amount of 500 euro and offered with the support of Kathrein Romania, was won by the Polish film These Daughters of Mine, directed by Kinga Debska.

The Jury decided to give also a special mention prize to this film, a film which, against its heavy subject – the imminent death of the parents, succeeds to avoid the traps of an easy pathos, lovingly and humorously disclosing the moments of genuine affection and love.

Award for Independent or Debut Film

The Ceau, Cinema! team, together with Vitas Romania, decided that the Award for Independent or Debut Film, amounting €500 and addressed to the films in all the festival sections, to go to two productions: the debut short film „Libelula”, of the two young filmmakers Mimi Sălăjan and Adelina Bulibasa and included in the section Films from Banat, and the independent comedy „Two Lottery Tickets”, directed by Paul Negoescu. „Two Lottery Tickets” opened the third edition of Ceau, Cinema!