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Curtas Vila do Conde is one of the most awaited film festivals in Portugal. Founded in 1993, the Festival enhanced its position as a promoter of the Portuguese and European new cinema trends. Although Curtas Vila do Conde started as a Festival of short films, it is currently known for the pluri-disciplinarity consolidated around the images in motion. For Ceau, Cinema 2016, Curtas Vila do Conde comes with a selection of films which have recently been awarded.
1. AMÉLIA & DUARTE (2015, Alice Guimarães/ Mónica Santos, 9 min) – Audience Award and Canal Plus Award.
The film depicts the end of the love affair between Amélia and Duarte and the manner in which they both experience this breakup.
2. TRIANGULO DOURADO (2014, Miguel Clara Vasconcelos, 17 min) – Best Portuguese Film Award.
Using a bicycle, a 16mm camera, a mental poem and amateur actors, Vasconcelos talks about traveling, love, loneliness and the distances between them.
3. MARIA DO MAR (2015, João Rosas, 30 min) – Best Portuguese Film Award.
A weekend in the countryside. Nicolau, a 14 years old boy, is touched by a beautiful woman and caught between two worlds.
4. LUMINIȚA (2013, André Marques, 20 min) – Audience Award.
Awarded by the Portuguese Film Academy and shot in Romania, with an entirely Romanian team, casting Dragoş Bucur, Damian Oancea, Dorina Lazăr, Emilia Dobrin and Ion Haiduc.
5. CAROSSELO (2013, Jorge Quintela, 7 min) – Grand Award of the city of Vila do Conde.
The film is reduced to a single plan, and the character is recalling his life, while sitting on a bench in front of a carrousel.

All the films have Romanian subtitles.
Screening: Friday, July 15th, 10 p.m., Casa Artelor – the Chestnut Patio; Q&A with director João Rosas

João Rosas (1981, Lisbon) studied Communication Sciences and Cinema at Lisbon and Bologna. He has a Master’s degree in Direction at London Film School and he wrote three short stories books. He made the documentary “Birth of a City” (the National Competition IndieLisboa 2009) and several short films, among which “My Mother is a Pianist” (Honourable Mention at Ovar Vídeo 2006) and “Entrecampos” (Festival of Short Films at Vila do Conde 2012, Festival d’Angers 2013). He is presently working on a research project: “Works: work on screen, representations of work in Portuguese cinema”.

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Ceau, Cinema! comes with a delicious selection of 10 fresh and amusing shorts of German language (from Germany, Austria and Switzerland) provided by our partners from the Independent Days Festival in Karlsruhe. FREE ACCESS

independent daysA wife is pretending to be blind in order to flavor her marriage. An ordinary scrabble game between a retired couple turns into a life and death game. A shocked fly gives life to the drawings from a toilet walls. The „blind date” you are introduced to is not exactly the one you wish. The absurd of the grownups in fear of unquestioned rules is an endless source of humor. Every single camper brings along his own habits and obsessions. The father, the mother and the kids are playing the experimental film. The „ESC” key can sometimes pull you out of the daily routine. The strange world of a lonely old man. Georg is getting bored, so he fabricates the most farcical activities.

All films have english subtitles.
Screening: Friday, july 15th, 4 p.m., Casa Artelor – Sala Studio