Wojciech Smarzowski Retrospective

Castigator 2015 - Smarzowski

It was inevitable! In 2015, the Ceau, Cinema! Grand Award for the best film in the barely initiated competition was taken by “The Mighty Angel” (“Pod mocnym aniolem”), the fifth feature film of the iconoclast Polish director Wojciech Smarzowski.
In 2014, on the first edition of our festival, by then without a competition section, the public had the chance to see his fourth film, “Traffic Department” (“Drogówka”). Both of them had been well received by the audience. Therefore, it was compulsory for us to cultivate one of our favourites.
And now, for the third edition of Ceau, Cinema! („The Watermelon Trilogy”!) we give, the probably-unique-and-certainly-not-to-miss chance to (re)discover the first three films of Wojciech Smarzowski, those which made him one of the most famous directors in Poland:

The Wedding (Wesele) is his debut, which took him in competition for the Golden Leopard at the Locarno Film Festival. A cult-film, which brings into flashlight one of Poland’s symbolic actors, Marian Dziedziel. In a small town of Poland, a wealthy and influential man is setting up his daughter’s wedding. After the party begins, several unexpected events show up and disturb the celebration. An implacable portrait of both the Polish spirit and the human nature.
„The Wedding” (2004), 109 min.
Cast: Marian Dziedziel, Tamara Arciuch, Iwona Bielska
Subtitles: RO
Screening: Sunday, July 17th, 4 p.m., Cinema Gottlob

With Rose (Róza), Wojciech Smarzowski took almost all the important awards in 2011 at the Polish Film Awards Ceremony. When, it is well known that scores of films are made in Poland every year. An apparently classical love story, in a particular historic context. An alert montage, with fake-floppy and extremely intelligent cuts. A de-dramatization and a naturalism which emotionally and sensuously charge the film.
„Rose” (2011), 90 min.
Cast: Marcin Dorocinski, Agata Kulesza
Subtitles: RO
Screening: Saturday, July 16th, 4 p.m., Casa Artelor –Studio Art Room

Highly awarded, as well, in Poland in 2009, The Dark House (Dom zly) is a cruel game with its characters, combining elements of investigation-film, bloody thriller, historical re-enactment and even political satire. In the early ’80s, when the Communist repression was intensifying, a team of policemen and prosecutors is investigating a potential multiple murder, but everything degenerates into a total madness.
„The Dark House” (2009), 105 min.
Cast: Arkadiusz Jakubik, Marian Dziedziel
Subtitles: RO
Screening: Friday, July 15th, 8 p.m., Cinema Timiș;