Manuel (2017)

"Il figlio Manuel" (original title)

[title_subtitle title=”Director: Dario Albertini” subtitle=”Italy, drama, 95 min, PG-13″]



Dario Albertini, Simone Ranucci


Andrea Lattanzi, Francesca Antonelli, Giulia Gorietti


Manuel, who is now eighteen years old, leaves the education center where he was placed five years before when his mother Veronica was jailed. Happy to feel free again, he has just one objective, to help his mum get her two remaining years’imprisonment commuted to house arrest. The trouble is that to this end he must present himself to the competent authorities as a responsible adult, perfect in every way, notably able to watch over his mother, to land a job and to keep it. In addition, he will not be able to leave Veronica’s place, failing which she would be re-incarcerated. To tell the truth, however mature the young man is, the load is quite heavy on his shoulders