Competition Regulations

Ceau Cinema: Episode 5!

General regulations

The Film Festival Ceau, Cinema! is organized by the Associations Marele Ecran and Pelicula Culturală. It is the first festival from Timișoara entirely dedicated to the European film.

Ceau, Cinema wishes to befriend the people of Timișoara with the European cinema, with the independent feature films, which have been missing lately from the local scenery. Also, Ceau Cinema! encourages the artistic debut of a new generation of movie-makers. Through our screenings – outdoor and indoor, in unconventional locations – we promote European and Romanian films and we prove that they are as catchy and attractive as Hollywood cinema, but much closer to our hearts.

The competition section of the festival wishes to become the meeting point for the cultural minorities of the Banat region. Thus, we provide a setting for the cinematographic expression of the film makers whose countries have been locally represented, during the last centuries, by minorities. We created an inter-ethnic competition section, intended to mirror the multicultural Banat region through a fresh and succulent film cocktail.

The festival receives productions and co-productions from Romania, Germany, Austria,  Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Israel, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Turkey, Russia, Armenia and Republic of Moldova.

The fourth edition of the Festival Ceau, Cinema! will take place during July 19th-22nd, in Timișoara and Gottlob (the first village from the rural Romania owning a fully renovated cinema). There will be at least one screening for each film in competition, in one of the festival hotspots.


The Competition section is intended for all the feature-film directors from one of the above mentioned countries or for the films focusing on the previously listed ethnic groups.

The Out of the competition section brings to the public European films, both recent box-office films and independent ones, trying to meet the most various tastes.

Additionally to these sections, the 5th edition of Ceau, Cinema! will bring special events, workshops, meetings with film directors, exhibitions, etc.

Jury of the official Competition

The jury will consist of three members, with a well-known national cinematographic activity. It will be announced on the festival web page and in the local printed media.

The Ceau Cinema Awards

The films selected for the Competition section are eligible to win Ceau, Cinema! Grand Award granted to the best film in Competition, endowed with €1500, as well as the Audience Award in value of 500 Euro.

Similar to the previous edition there will be also granted an Independent and Debut Film Trophy, in value of 1000 euro, for which all films presented in the festival are eligible.

The prizes will be awarded to the film directors.


Eligible are the films which have been registered in the competition section and which meet the following conditions:

  1. Feature films released (date of the premiere) after January 1st 2017.
  2. The accepted (screening) format is HD electronic file, DVD HD or Bluray.
  3. The films must be in their original language, with English and/ or Romanian subtitles. For the selected films, the film distributor/producer is to provide to the festival board the dialogue list in English/ Romanian, in a common format, mandatorily containing the film timecode (.srt, .stl, .sub, .ssa, etc). No .pdf or .xls files are accepted.
  4. There is no time limit (other than feature length of minimum 60 min) or other limitations regarding the feature film genre. Fiction, non-fiction (documentary) and animation are all accepted.

5. The festival DOES NOT pay the copyrights for the films in competition.


The producer or the distributor owning the screening rights of the film must fill in the online registration form and submit it no later than 1st of May 2018 .

The films registered after such date shall not be eligible!

Rules for selection:

The distributor/producer of the selected film is fully responsible for the information filled in the registration form.

Festival attendance

The organizers will communicate the selected films before June 15th 2018.

The full cost of sending the screening material (including the return) shall be borne by the film distributor/producer.

The official programme (the sequence, the screening hours of the selected films) of the festival will be established by the organizers.

The festival is open to the public. A great number of certified journalists and distributors will attend the event.

The directors of the films selected in the Competition section are welcome to attend the entire Festival. Ceau, Cinema! will not cover the travel and accommodation fees.

Attending the Festival involves the absolute observance of all the regulation provisions.

Rules for the selected films

The films on disc, the dialogues in English and 5 film posters must be sent to the following address: Take Ionescu Street, No 10 – 16, Sc. A, 6th Floor, Ap. 20/A Timisoara 300070.

The deadline for the reception of the selected films is June 25th 2018.

The press releases and ads relevant for each selected film must be sent by e-mail at before June 25th 2018.

The press and advertising kit must include: the press releases, frames from the film, photos and the filmography of the director, photos of the leading actors, the dialogue list (in English/ Romanin), the film trailer.

The discs (DVD/ Bluray) of the non-selected films will only be returned unless the owner of such films’ copyrights had prepaid the shipping charges.